BG 44K: Bestselling fuel system cleaner

BG44K can

Regarded by many as the best fuel system cleaner of its kind.

BG 44K cleans fuel injectors, valves, O2 sensors and the combustion chamber. It will also have a cleaning effect on the catalytic converter. 

BG 44K contains a very high level of PEA (Polyether Amine), an expensive chemical that is recognised by all engine manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Honda and others as being the effective treatment for removing hard baked carbon deposits.

Carbon deposits can lead to injectors problems, misfiring, poor running, erratic idling and other factors that lead to loss of power and less MPG.  

BG44K and BG244 are suitable for car, motorcycle, commercial, agricultural and marine engines. They will not harm the turbo charger or diesel particulate filter. BG 44K can be used in diesel or petrol engines.

Product code 208 

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