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Decarbonisation imageAt BG Products we are continually developing in demand solutions to vehicle component running and performance problems.

As well as working with OEM’s to develop specific solutions to specific challenges that they may have, we have developed a range of services that solve common performance and longevity problems potentially present in the majority of vehicles.

These services are not just offered to garage customers when the customer reports a ‘problem’. They are proactively offered to the customer as performance improvers or preventive maintenance often using the FluidRx Vital Fluid Condition Indicator.

BG Fuel Saving Service
Over time deposits build up in the engine and fuel system, robbing your engine of efficient combustion. The BG Fuel Saving Service service will improve MPG, performance, and reduce emissions. Ultimately saving you money. Total BMW Magazine said that their car’s MPG improved by 4.6%, London Taxi Drivers Magazine said they had an increase of 6%.

BG Powerflow Air/Fuel Induction Service
With the advent of the Engine Management System a driver will not so often hear the tell tale signs of running problems such as ‘engine knock’ or ‘pinking’. For example the EMS compensates for issues such as pre-ignition by adjusting the timing. Because the adjustment is gradual over time the driver is not always aware of the erosion in performance and economy.

The BG Air/Fuel Induction service with air intake cleaning will quickly remove deposits from the air intake tract, fuel injectors, valves and combustion chamber to restore power, economy and reduce emissions. Dynometer tests commonly show an improvement of 12%+ after a service.

BG Powerflow Diesel Air Induction & EGR service
The EGR service cleans more that just the EGR valve. Cleaning the EGR valve alone will be a very short term solution (at best) to the problems of accumulated deposits in the EGR system. The BG EGR service will clean the EGR valve and the channels (where most of the carbon deposits accumulate).

BG Powerflow Injector Cleaning Service
The ultimate diesel injector cleaning system for passenger cars, 4x4s and light trucks. Its simple compact design makes it easy to clean clogged diesel injectors quickly and efficiently. Even small deposits can cause substantial reductions in engine performance. This Service removes deposits from the fuel injectors, cleans soot-black deposits from fuel filter, prevents component corrosion and cleans stubborn oil deposits.

BG Power Steering Service
Removes old contaminated fluid and introduced new fluid in one easy operation. The advanced chemistry allows a flushing fluid to be used to help push out oxidised fluid and other debris such as metal filings before introducing a superior fluid to protect and quieten the power steering operation.

BG Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
Traditional auto trans fluid involves draining the fluid using gravity. This can leave up to 33% of the old contaminated fluid in the torque converter.

The BG power flush system will, in a 15 minute operation, exchange the old fluid and install the new BG fluid. The BG Fluid will improve shifting, quieten operation and protect against wear.

BG Coolant Exchange System
Quickly and efficiently removes old fluid and installs new fluid in the same operation. The new fluid will contain inhibitors to protect against corrosion.

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