BG Products Coolant Top-Up

Why is it Necessary?

Over time, the protective additives in coolant become depleted, leading to acidic coolant. This results in damaging corrosion in the form of rust, scale and other debris that interferes with engine temperature regulation.

Corrosion caused by acidic coolant image

The Solution

BG Universal Super Cool® restores coolant to a high degree of protection. Designed for use in all types of coolant, including hybrid and long life, it provides outstanding protection for all metals utilised in modern cooling systems. It meets specifications of ASTM 2809 and ASTM 2570.

Corrosion testing using BG 546 image

Testing Your Vehicle

Your garage should have access to fluid test strips or a testing tool which will indicate pH level within 30 seconds. If pH is low then an installation of BG Super Cool® will protect the whole cooling system. The service is advisable every 2 years to avoid the risk of corrosion and damage to water pumps and other cooling system components plus overheating. 

BG Super Cool image

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