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BG Powerflow Decarbonisation Services

The BG Powerflow Suite of Services use BG's own-designed and manufactured high quality chemistry and delivery systems to decarbonise components, safely and effectively.

1) Video Test of BG Powerflow Services

Fuel Injection cleaning connects to the engine fuel lines to input the heat-activated chemistry around the entire fuel system, providing complete “on engine” cleaning of the air throttle body assembly, injectors, piston and combustion chamber. This dedicated treatment takes just 45mins.

A sister service inputs BG’s cleaning chemistry through the engine’s air supply. Because of differences in engine design, this approach is used to tackle deposit build-up in areas not directly reached by fuel system cleaning. 

2) Check out the Before/After Data

BG Testing Results data image

Objective data for the test was provided by a rolling road dyno before and after the BG Powerflow treatment.

Initial power at 2000 rpm for the test vehicle, an Audi Audi A4 Avant Tdi with good service history, was 71 bhp.

Following the BG Powerflow Service, our reviewer reported the difference was very noticeable. Acceleration was much more immediate and more power was available throughout the rev range. This was backed up by the subsequent dyno readings – Horsepower was 22% higher at 2000 rpm, now up to 87 bhp.

Torque (a measure of available power) was also significantly improved. An additional 43 ft/lbs of torque was available at 2000 rpm, rising from 187 to 230 ft/lbs.

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