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BG Agriculture, Marine & Industrial

BG Products are world leaders in the development of advanced lubrication and protection solutions.

Key products have been designed to be used in the more hostile and challenging environment including agricultural, offshore, construction and heavy industry. These solutions have saved hours of maintenance time in reducing lubricant re-application and have saved £000's in replacement parts.

The BG industrial, agricultural, Industrial and marine products are frequently described as the best of their kind.

Reducing your Maintenance Time and Protecting your Assets

A survey group formed by customers of the Syngenta group agreed to carry out an independent review of 3 BG Products compared to their usual grease or lubricant.


Agriculture imageAn example of the effectiveness of BG’s products is Dieselcare part number 229

The poor quality of Agricultural fuel often leads to carbon build up, particularly on the injector tips. This leads to loss of power, poor running, increased fuel usage and increased emissions.

Our diesel injector service has been extremely successful in restoring the efficiency of injectors in both road, agricultural and industrial engines.

Case Study: A John Deere 7920 engine with 2000 hours service, with ‘no running problems’:

Before Rating After
197HP PTO Speed 203.2HP
190.9HP      Rated Power      198.1HP
198.9HP Max Power 205HP


Some BG Agriculture, Industrial & Marine Products:

  • BG Fuel Injection System Cleaners (Diesel)     
  • BG In-force
  • Multi Function Diesel Fuel Conditioner
  • BG HCF Sprayable Grease
  • BG HCF Special Grease

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