BG Air Intake System Cleaner (Diesel)


255 product imageBG Diesel ISC® Induction System Cleaner™ powers through oil deposits and unburned fuel left behind by Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Positive Crankcase Ventilation systems.

Diesel engines equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation are infamous for the formation and accumulation of fuel residues that clog up the EGR valve and carbon deposits in the intake manifold. Both of these issues severely restrict air flow and decrease fuel economy and overall performance.

A primary part of the BG Diesel Induction Service, BG Diesel ISC® Induction System Cleaner ™ is specially formulated to liquefy and remove tough oil deposits and unburned fuel residues formed by the EGR and PCV as the gases pass through the air intake and intake valves. Once these deposits are cleaned away, they are burned in the normal combustion process. 

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