BG PXT Performance Exchange for Transmissions and Power Steering


BG PXT2 tool imageBG PXT®2 Performance Exchange™ for Transmissions and Power Steering thoroughly cleans the power steering system and installs new power steering fluid.

First, the BG PXT®2 installs BG Quick Clean for Power Steering to soften and remove deposits. Then, it draws out used, degraded power steering fluid with the accumulated deposits. Lastly, the BG PXT®2 installs fresh power steering fluid. And the whole process takes just minutes using the BG PXT®2.

The BG PXT®2 also performs a transmission fluid exchange and a simple transmission drain-and-fill.

BG PXT®2 features an onboard computer with a full-colour, multi-language touchscreen that allows users to select weight measurements in gallons or litres. It also leads the technician through each step of the fluid exchange and records the number of services performed. With adjustable fluid metering control, technicians can customise each service to model-specific requirements.

Product code PXT2

BG Automatic Transmission Service

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