Address Diesel Cold Weather Problems

Diesel fuel tends to thicken in cold temperatures, partially solidifying in a process called gelling or waxing. Gelled fuels plug fuel filters and restrict proper delivery to injectors, starving the engine of fuel and eventually preventing the vehicle from starting.

  • BG Products 237-238-256 product imagesDFC Plus® HP Extra Cold Weather Performance cleans fuel injector deposits and prevents black fuel filter plugging in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems. It also prevents fuel deposits from forming, protects components from corrosion, reduces fuel breakdown, protects from the abrasiveness of low sulphur fuel, and restores optimum fuel efficiency. Product code 238 also contains a cetane improver. Both product codes 237 and 238 are Tested and validated by Jaguar Land Rover!

  • BG Diesel Thaw™ is an emergency-use, professional-service diesel treatment. It liquefies gelled diesel fuel and melts ice crystals restoring fuel flow. Compatible with all fuels and fuel system components.