BG Products Keep your Important Fleet Vehicles on the Road


BG Products have Proven Solutions that help Fleets like yours to:


• Restore FueI Economy
• Reduce Emissions

• Restore & Protect the DPF & EGR
• Increase Vehicle Longevity




  Former Stig Ben Collins introduces BG's Fleet
Emissions and Economy Services
  Commercial Bus Company Fuel & Emissions Trial
completed by University of Poznan, Poland

Case Studies

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Kubota track loader image

John Deere loader image

2010 International Prostar truck image

Kubota Track Loader

John Deere Loader

Prostar truck

Caterpillar 336 image

UK Council fleet image

Caterpillar D6 loader image

 Caterpillar 336

 Council fleet

 Caterpillar D6 loader

DAF 85 truck image

Halliburton fleet image

London Hire fleet image

 DAF 85 truck

 Halliburton truck fleet

 London Hire fleet

AB El Salvador truck image

 VW Crafter van image

Dakota railway image

 In-Bev truck fleet

 VW Crafter 

 Dakota Railway

US Bluebird bus image

Poland bus trial image

US International truck image

 Bluebird school bus

 Poland bus trial

 MaxxForce truck

UK Ambulance fleet image

VW Sprinter van image

Stan Robinson truck image

 Ambulance fleet

 VW Sprinter

 DAF CF truck

VW Sprinter van image

Morrisons DAF 85 image

VW Crafter DPF image

 VW Crafter

 Morrisons DAF 85 truck

 VW Crafter

Scania Irizar bus image

Train fleet image

US International bus image

 Scania Irizar coach

 UK Train fleet

 MaxxForce bus


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