BG DFC Plus HP Extra Cold Weather Performance

BG Products 237-238 product imagesDiesel engines with high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems generate tremendous heat, which can result in dramatic loss of power, decrease in fuel efficiency, and potential engine damage. Further, cold weather promotes fuel waxing, which can plug fuel filters and pump strainers.

DFC Plus® HP Extra Cold Weather Performance cleans fuel injector deposits and prevents black fuel filter plugging in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems. It also prevents fuel deposits from forming, protects components from corrosion, reduces fuel breakdown, protects from the abrasiveness of low sulphur fuel, and restores optimum fuel efficiency.

BG DFC Plus® HP Extra Cold Weather Performance stays fluid in very low temperatures, optimizes cold temperature performance, and prevents entrained water from freezing. Product code 238 also contains a cetane improver which raises cetane 3-7, which improves ease of cold starting and overall ignition quality.

  • Tested and validated by Jaguar Land Rover!
  • Maintains engine performance
  • Especially effective in HPCR engines
  • Prevents increased harmful emissions
  • Improves cold weather performance

Product code 237 / 238 including Cetane Improver

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