BG 244: Fuel System Cleaner designed for Diesel

BG 244 can

BG244 is a diesel-specific complete fuel system cleaner.  It cleans valves, injectors and the combustion chamber of soft and hard baked carbon. BG 244 fuel system cleaner is particularly good for vehicles that have been driven on poor quality diesel.

BG244 will restore performance, improve MPG and reduce emissions.

Regular use of BG244 (approximately every 10,000 miles) will reduce deposit build up in the diesel particulate filter, reducing maintenance costs.

Developed specifically for diesel engines

Designed for all types diesel engine including PD (Unit Injector) and common rail, BG 244 (BG244) quickly and effectively cleans diesel fuel injectors. It smoothes engine idle and helps prevent costly repairs. In only a few short miles of driving, engine response is restored.

One can (325mL) of BG 244 treats up to 60 litres diesel fuel. To maintain fuel system cleanliness and engine performance, add BG 244 to fuel tank at 7,500 to 9,000 mile (12,000–14,500 km) intervals. Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and diesel particulate filter safe.

This product is perfectly safe for all diesel engines including those with turbo chargers and particulate filter systems.

Product code 244

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