Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities with BG Products

  • No Start Up Costs
  • Multiple Market Places
  • Market Leading Products
  • Full Repeat Commission
  • Great Sales Tools
  • Exclusive Territories

Multiple Market Places

Automotive – Every garage could benefit from BG’s superior products. From the staple products such as Fuel System Cleaners and Oil Flushes through to superior solutions to vehicle component performance, such as EGR cleaning and power steering flushes. This is BG’s core business. We also have programmes and very effective marketing tools to attract customers in this market-place.

Industrial – BG Products produce a range of lubricants that improve productivity and reduce maintenance time.

Generator – There is a massive market in both portable and static power generation. BG have products that reduce the oil change schedules on these generators by up to 3 times. BG fuel system cleaners also restore fuel efficiency of the generator.

Agricultural – Several BG Products benefit the agricultural market. BG have proven solutions to the running problems that poor quality agricultural fuel create. In addition BG produce grease (sprayable and solid) that are resistant to the corrosive affect of fertiliser. These greases, and other lubricants, reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Transport (Lorries, Buses, Cars and Trains) – BG consistently demonstrate restoration of fuel economy and power on fleet vehicles, as well as reducing emissions. These studies have incorporated Trains, buses, lorries, train companies and police fleets.

Marine – The marine market place can also benefit from BG’s range of water-proof greases.  Also BG have very effective treatments to help restore the performance of marine engines.

Market Leading Products

BG’s goal was always to make superior products.

Products like BG44K (search on Google to see how highly regarded it is. All of BG’s products will compare extremely favourably to their market-place equivalents.

What we offer

We are looking for self starting people who are looking to build up their own business. We are effectively offering a franchise opportunity without the fees

We will offer an exclusive territory

  • We will give generous commission on new and repeat business
  • Unlimited income
  • Full and ongoing training


We support the sales process with great sales tools. See:

What we require

We require self starting, hungry, sales oriented people:

  • Ideally you will have some knowledge of the motor trade or on of the market places listed above
  • You will need to be able to hold some stock, at least enough for demonstrations. In the case of sales stock we can deliver direct to your customers for a very slight adjustment to commission. Most agents deliver stock themselves

What next

Email us at and we will send you by email a very short form to complete. When this is returned to us we will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient chat (initially over the telephone) to see whether we might be right for each other.

Alternatively if you wish to chat first then please ring Paul Dobbyn on 01284 777934

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