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'We pride ourselves in 2 things in particular' says Paul Dobbyn, director of BG Products GB:

'First is the level of Research & Development that we put into our products prior to launching'.

'Secondly, we see our goal as being a partner to garages. A partner helping garages to optimise profit through offering services that are good for the customer and for their business'.

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BG's high quality products and services backed by a unique Engine Protection Plan. Up to 150,000 miles of complimentary protection for your vehicle. Find out more


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  • How much oil has your engine lost?

    Advances in oil technology, filtration, PCV and engine management systems seem to have convinced everyone that frequent oil level inspection and services are unnecessary. But David Tenpenny of BG Technical Service is keen to communicate the message that it doesn’t mean your oil doesn’t need checking and that oil consumption doesn’t happen.

  • Improve MPG, performance, and reduce emissions with the BG Fuel Saving Service

    Improve MPG, performance, and reduce emissions with the BG Fuel Saving Service

    Over time deposits build up in the engine and fuel system, robbing your engine of efficient combustion. The BG Fuel Saving Service service will improve MPG, performance, and reduce emissions. Ultimately saving you money. Total BMW Magazine said that their car’s MPG improved by 4.6%, London Taxi Drivers Magazine said they had an increase of 6%.

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“I’ve tried all different products over the years and BG’s are the only ones I can rely on.”

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