BG Products feature in IMI's Vision for the Future

BG Products feature in the Institute of the Motor Industry's 2017 'Vision for the Future'. BG, experts in advanced automotive chemistry, outline how their solutions are helping dealerships deliver profitable services that are both good for their customers, and for their businesses. Read more >>

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  • What is an engine detox?

    Normal servicing does not clean the inside of an engine. Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and, without preventative maintenance, accumulate over time. Engine detox usually refers to the process of removing these engine deposits. BG Products develop and manufacture their own high quality chemistry and delivery systems to do this, safely and effectively.

  • What is decarbonisation? / What is an engine carbon clean?

    Deposits attach themselves to many parts of the engine, including those critically important to the performance and economy of the engine. Decarbonisation or engine carbon cleaning usually refers to the process of removing carbon deposits. BG fuel system cleaners contain more of the chemistry recommended by the engine manufacturers themselves to remove the hard baked carbon deposits that interfere with efficient flow of air and fuel, throughout the entire system. 

  • Clean and Mean!

    How keeping the engine's vital components clean can restore and maintain power and economy

    We have all heard the adverts from the major fuel companies extolling the benefits of keeping the engine clean, and it is true. However the additives in premium fuel might help to keep an engine cleaner but, by the nature of using a carbon based fuel (particularly a dirty one) there will always be emissions and deposits.

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