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See real customer test data, testimonials, videos and product demonstrations across our Social Media output.  BG Representatives routinely run compression, MPG and emissions tests during trials and demonstrations. And results from these consistently prove BG Works! Find out more ..

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  • Nice testimonial from BG Convert Keith

    Just wanted to say thank you. Your products may not be cheap but are excellent! 

    I would have no problem recommending these products as they are the only ones I have found that really do work. So well done.

  • Why GDI needs BG

    The GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine is seen as a leap forward in the quest for greater economy and lower emissions, and it has actually been delivering results. So, is the GDI engine too good to be true?

  • Expand your knowledge on compression

    Within the internal combustion engine, the compression ratio, as it’s known, is the piston’s movement as it squeezes the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder. BG Products know that sadly loss of compression over time is inevitable. So it's a good thing BG's got a product to restore and maintain peak compression! Adding BG EPR to the engine and letting it tick over for at least 15 minutes restores compression by dissolving the deposits that clog rings and seals.

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