BG Universal Frigi-Quiet

BG Frigi Quiet

BG Universal Frigi-Quiet® is a compressor lubricant powerful enough to work in even the harshest conditions. It stands up to moisture and oxidation and offers many advantages over typical compressor lubrication solutions.

Modern automotive air conditioning systems are under increasing demand to perform. Higher output engines, shrinking under hood space greatly reduce the compressors ability to shed heat under load. Thermal stress has a devastating impact on the performance of the compressor lubricant. Additionally, most refrigerant oils suffer from some inherent moisture absorption and thermal breakdown.

BG Universal Frigi-Quiet® is a professional use automotive air conditioning lubricant that excels in all compressor performance application. It enhances cooling under the harshest conditions. Incorporating unique ashless anti-wear technology ensures quieter compressor operation and prolonged compressor life.

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