BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

BG Power Steering Flush 334

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a 100% synthetic fluid designed for use in all power steering systems and under all conditions. With an extremely high viscosity index, it doesn’t thin when it gets hot or thicken when it gets cold. It can even handle sub-zero temperatures where most other fluids fail.

Fluid contamination is the leading cause of premature wear in power steering systems. Oxidation byproducts, hose material, and metallic debris accumulate in power steering fluid. As this contaminated fluid is pumped through the power steering system under very high pressure, it causes abrasive wear in the pump and rack assembly, which leads to pump noise, erratic steering, and eventual mechanical failure.

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is formulated to benefit all power steering systems. It offers superb performance in extreme temperatures, not thinning in hot weather nor thickening in the cold. Special anti-wear agents help prevent abrasion of spool valve housings and other components. Powerful anti-oxidants inhibit fluid breakdown and extend useful life and lubricity of the fluid and seal conditioners keep seals pliable, preventing fluid leaks.

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