No deposit needed - Introducing BG Fuel System Cleaning

August 1, 2014

Engine manufacturers have never been keen to recognise, in isolation, that their cars need assistance with deposit control. However, collectively all the manufacturers recognise that their cars are vulnerable to deposit issues. This is documented in a publication, produced by the engine manufacturers, called the 'World Wide Fuel Charter'. 

This document states 'even good quality gasoline can lead to deposit formation and that these deposits will lead to increased emissions and affect performance,'

The fact is, because modern engines are so tightly engineered, and because of the precision with which fuel/air mixtures are calculated and delivered, removal of carbon deposits is even more critical. Fuel, no matter how good, will always release carbon through combustion.

There are many areas where carbon impacts on the smoothness and efficiency of an engine. Tiny amounts of deposits are all it takes to disturb the critical spray pattern of an injector whilst valve deposits interfere with air/fuel flow, deposits in EGRs cause a loss of power and increased emissions and deposits on O2 sensors means the ECU cannot calibrate the fuel air mixture accurately. These and other deposits all affect driveability and power.

Manufacturers have been wary of certain additives and the World Wide Fuel Charter warns that some can add to combustion chamber deposits. In fact, a number of the top car manufacturers in the world have calculated that one particular chemical used in fuel, and some fuel additives, can add 40% to the weight of a valve through deposits, therefore sapping vehicle power and efficiency.

The BG Range

At BG, we continue to spread the word that deposits in engines are going to become even more of an issue as manufacturers are forced to tighten their emission controls. As such, we offer cost-effective solutions to the problems that deposits yield by using high quantities of the chemistry identified by the WWFC as the effective treatment for removing hard baked carbon. It is this that has made BG successful in restoring economy and power in vehicles, all over the world, since 1971. 

To request a call from one of the BG Team, Experts in the field of restoring vehicle performance and extending engine life, ask us to give you a call back or call us on 01284 777934.

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