Intake Valve Deposits

June 30, 2014

EGR Valve

Intake valve deposits

Engine and valve deposits result primarily from the combustion of fuel and air in vehicle cylinders. Most of these chemical reaction products exit through the exhaust system and the tailpipe. A small amount, however, remains in the engine to be picked up by the oil, which is fortified with additives to control excessive deposits and wear.



BG Diesel Air Induction & EGR Service

The EGR service cleans more that just the EGR valve. Cleaning the EGR valve alone will be a very short term solution (at best) to the problems of accumulated deposits in the EGR system. The BG EGR service will clean the EGR valve and the channels (where most of the deposits accumulate).

The October 2011 issue of Autoinform featured a video demonstration by Frank Massey

This service will restore power and reduce Nox emissions.


BG ISC® Induction System Cleaner

Quickly and safely cleans intake valve deposits and channels, fuel injectors and remove hard, baked-on carbon deposits from intake ports, intake valves and combustion chamber. It is introduced to the system using a special tool. For complete cleanup

Product code 211

Swirl flap deposits

Swirl flaps are designed to create swirl or tumble of the air to aid better combustion under light load where soot levels tend to be dominant because of the lack of air, they are also there to help with driveability in low load conditions, they are controlled by a vacuum or solenoid actuator and are closed during light-load operations such as when idling at traffic lights, changing gear and deceleration to maximise combustion efficiency, fuel economy and emissions performance. The swirl flaps are fully open during higher load conditions to maximise volumetric efficiency and power output.

Remove swirl flap deposits with the BG EGR service

Throttle plate cleaning

BG Air/Fuel Induction Service aids in throttle plate cleaning

The BG air/fuel induction service is a fast acting, and effectively aids in correcting idle problems caused by deposits in the throttle plate and intake valves.

This service will reduce your throttle plate deposits.


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