Garage owners – Are you doing the right things by your customers? And still maximising your service opportunities?

August 4, 2014

Garage owners and professionals are being challenged on the range of services and benefits they offer to their customers.

Increasingly, garages are offering extra services in addition to repairs and MOTs, from transmission fluid changes to air conditioning maintenance. But with trust in garages being such a hot topic currently, are garages striking the right balance in carrying out maintenance work at a time when it is needed whilst at the same time maximising their opportunities at each service interval?

BG Products supply a range of pour-in products and tool-introduced chemistry that restore power and economy in customer’s vehicles. Plus they also provide a range of fluid exchange systems such as Power Steering, Coolant and ATF exchange systems. 

So BG are well aware of the issues involved and aim to work with garages as partners,  helping their customers win more of their own customers, see them more often and be able to offer them profitable services that improve their vehicles’ performance.

Lack of industry awareness means that the cash-strapped motorist isn’t always correctly guided to change lubricants and fluids at the correct point.  The result can be that fluids are changed too late - when sludge and waste build-up is greater than the additives in the original fluid can cope with.  This wastes money, in for example poor fuel consumption, or worse, creates unnecessary damage and takes the car off the road. BG help by using OEM-approved fluid condition indicators to give objective information of whether a fluid needs changing.  For just pennies per test, these allow the customer to see whether the additive package in the fluid is depleted and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits.

BG Products are more than just a provider of the most advanced range of automotive chemicals and lubricants. BG aim to be partners in helping their customers grow their businesses. Request a free callback or give us a call on 01284 777934. 

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