EGR and Intake Deposit Solutions

June 30, 2014

Background and problem

Modern emissions control devices such as PCV and, in particular EGR valves, can lead to carbon deposits in the air intake tract. These deposits, and the deposits in the EGR valve itself, are causing engines serious running problems. Traditionally the solution has been to take the valve off, clean it and then replace it, or in some cases just blank the valve off.

These solutions are not ideal.

The first solution is only a temporary and part fix. Cleaning just the valve ignores the fact that, if the valve is dirty then the channels from and to the EGR are likely to be dirty too, and so is the air intake tract and intake valves. The intake tract and valves, if dirty, will have a pronounced effect on the performance and economy of a diesel engine. Diesel require upwards of 20,000 litres of air to every litre of fuel to perform efficiently, anything that interrupts that air flow is detrimental to performance.

Blanking off the EGR is not always possible, or desirable. The EGR valve is there to reduce Nox emissions, a particularly nasty greenhouse gas that reacts with sunlight to form toxic chemicals and contributes to acid rain.

BG products, a world leader in automotive chemistry, have devised a solution to the problem of cleaning the EGR circuit in situ. BG products pedigree is impressive. They have worked directly with many OEM’s to develop solutions to various deposit problems that various engines have developed.

They have supplied products to some of the most famous names in engine manufacturing.

In fact their EGR/Air Intake Service will clean the air intake tract, the Intake valves, the EGR channels and the EGR valve itself in one service. Only when the EGR valve is very heavily carbonised is it necessary to remove the EGR valve and clean it manually so that the chemistry can circulate and do its cleaning of all the areas in the EGR/Intake circuit.

BG Products say this service takes 5-15 minutes of labour time and about 45 minutes to run through.

The service is more than just a solution to problem vehicles it is being offered as a Performance Restoration Service and garages are finding it to be a very profitable additional service.

BG have shown BHP improvements of 13% carrying out this induction service as well as MPG improvements of between 4 and 9%.

An ‘add on’ to the service is an injector cleaner (using BG44K or BG244 fuel system cleaners. The correct functioning of an injector is critical to performance of an engine, particularly in a diesel engine (a diesel injector sits in a very harsh environment in a diesel engine and is very susceptible to hard baked diesel deposits, deposits that will affect performance).

BG’s injector cleaners have shown improvements in injectors pulse timings of 35% or more after 15 minutes. Note that this is an objective result of cleaning alone, BG do not use additives that can only give temporary improvement to performance and emissions tests (i.e. whilst the additive is in the tank)


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