BG Products Demonstrate Live at AUTOiNFORM LIVE

December 1, 2014

BG Products were one of the training experts demonstrating LIVE at AUTOiNFORM LIVE, the technical hands-on diagnostic weekend at the GTG training academy in Wolverhampton, 29th/30th November 2014.

Over 200 interested technicians and mechanics attended the training sessions, with particular interest in the star of the show - the new BG 9300 VIA system, the World’s First on-vehicle DPF & Emissions Service. David Tenpenny from BG Products in the United States led the training seminars, demonstrating with real data from real vehicles how the new BG Air Intake and Emissions System Service cleans from the air intake, right through the engine to the DPF. 

To request a call from one of the BG Team, Experts in the field of restoring compression, increasing MPG and extending engine life, just ask us to give you a call back or call us on 01284 777934.


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