BG Products are world leader in restoring vehicle performance and increasing economy

March 30, 2017

BG Products are a world leader in helping a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trains, buses and boats, restore Performance, increase Fuel Economy and reduce Engine Emissions.

BG's Fuel Saving Guarantee*

BG's confidence in their fuel system cleaners and EPR compression restoration flush treatment allows us to say that their use improves MPG and/or Performance... Guaranteed!* - or your money back.

Key elements to efficiency in a modern engine are maintained injector spray patterns and engine compression. It takes very little deposit to interfere with the spray pattern on modern injectors. The fine spray holes are subject to an extremely harsh environment as they are in direct contact with the high temperature of the combustion chamber and the deposits generated by the combustion process. BG fuel system cleaners and conditioners will clean fuel injectors and remove combustion chamber deposits, improving performance and reducing harmful emissions.

Compression rings are very quickly affected in a diesel engine. The oil is impacted by constant washing of soot into the oil. The oil can quickly get behind the piston rings, solidify and then restrict the flexibility of the rings. This causes the compression to be compromised and reduce power and economy.BG Products’ performance restoration flush will quickly restore that vital compression.

* Money-back guarantee subject to vehicle
been driven at least 500 miles and claim
made within 3 months of purchase

Proven Results

BG Products arrived in the UK from the USA in 2000. In the USA they are regarded as specialists in the maintenance of fleet efficiency, delivering benefits in terms of fuel saving and preventative maintenance.  

BG’s customers include all the municipal vehicles in the cities of New York and Chicago (circa 40,000 vehicles) as well as marine, rail and standard car and van fleets.

Fresh data from a trial with a major UK road haulier with four depots, has returned results that are consistent with other studies carried out in the UK and in the US: - Vehicles from the BG Products-treated depot showed a 6.4% improvement in fuel economy compared with their counterparts.


    Fleet of DAF 85
    National Chain   

     DAF 105 Truck
     285,990 miles    

  Solaris Urbino 12 Bus  
  Euro V 148,000 Miles
 (University Controlled Test)


  Untreated Vehicles   -4.2%
  Pre Treatment 8.7 MPG
  Pre Treatment 3.88 litres per
  hour (Fuel Consumption at Idle)


  Treated Vehicles +2.2%
  Post Treatment 9.3 MPG
  Post Treatment 3.5 litres per hour


  Improvement over
  Untreated 6.4%
  Improvement of 6.8%
  (Fuel Consumption)
  Reduction of 4.4%

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