BG Fuel Injector Cleaning Service– Cleans the entire diesel fuel Injection system in minutes

March 17, 2015

In diesel fuel systems, deposits can rapidly accumulate in the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Without the need to remove any diesel fuel injector or fuel injection pump, BG Products’ Inject-A-Flush® system quickly removes harmful deposits and contaminants and gets the vehicle back on the road in 45 minutes.

BG Injector Cleaning ServiceOver time and miles, diesel vehicles can suffer a significant loss of power and performance. This loss is notoriously coupled with increased exhaust smoke. The reason behind this performance decline lies in diesel fuel quality. This can be unpredictable and might not contain the necessary amount of lubricity to keep an engine running smoothly. Without adequate lubricity, gums and varnish can form in a diesel’s fuel system.

The BG Diesel Fuel Injection Cleaning Service restores lost performance and prevents costly repairs with specialised products that boost the quality of diesel fuel.


  • Removes deposits from the fuel injectors
  • Cleans soot-black deposits from fuel filter
  • Prevents component corrosion
  • Cleans stubborn oil deposits


  • Restored fuel economy
  • Improved power and performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved accelerator response

The BG Diesel Fuel Injection Cleaning Service provides a profitable service opportunity for YOUR garage. It is designed for new electronically controlled common rail systems using direct injection, as well as traditional mechanical fuel injection systems.

BG point to impressive data results from the Service, highlighting its potential to be a successful customer referral tool. In a recent example, carried out on a 300,000 mile DAF CF 85.410 12.9 litre truck, BG’s Service resulted in a 28% reduction in emissions, down from 0.25 1/m to 0.18 1/m, with similar improvements in efficiency.

A longer term study carried out in the US at Halliburton resulted in an average 50% reduction in NOx across 8 trucks and corresponding 8.16% cut in fuel consumption.

To request a call from one of the BG Team, Experts in the field of removing deposits, increasing MPG and extending engine life, ask us to give you a call back or call us on 01284 777934.

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