Benefits of Flushing - Compression up 2.8%, Horsepower up 7.8%, Torque up 8.2%

August 4, 2014

Impressive, eh? These headline results are from BG’s own service on a 2008 Ford F-250 diesel car that had completed 44,000 miles.

The improvement was maintained well after the service too, with only a minor deterioration after further measurement 5,000 miles later.

DPF regeneration cycles were also significantly affected with number of miles needed to fully complete the regeneration of the filter dropping from 16 miles to 10. Correspondingly, the number of miles driven between DPF regeneration cycles rose from 121 to 244 miles.

The BG technology used as part of the engine service combines a trio of components to clean the car’s system and restore its performance.

  • Firstly, a specific blend of cleaners is added to the old oil to soften, emulsify and dissolve the hard-to-remove solidified oil, sludge and carbon that inhibit ring function. This performance restorer will increase compression, lower exhaust emissions and improve overall performance and economy.
  • Secondly, an oil conditioner is added once the new oil is introduced.  This will neutralise acids and acid corrosion, reduce friction and wear on engine parts and prevent sludge through increased soot control, helping to keep all areas of the engine clean.
  • Finally, a fuel system cleaner is added to quickly and effectively remove carbon deposits from combustion chambers and fuel injectors, helping to restore performance and prevent costly repairs.

With fuel companies now commonly acknowledging that deposits build up as cars clock up mileage, such preventative maintenance regimes, common in the US for some years now, are increasing in the UK. Over time, like sludge building up in the radiators of your central heating system at home, deposits build up in the engine, potentially restricting proper flow of clean oil to critical engine parts. Look at the oil dipstick even 5 miles after an oil change, and you'll see that the oil is already ‘dirty’. That's because, during a normal oil change, sludge, old contaminated oil and friction-causing abrasives remain in the engine. These contaminates rob the engine of peak performance and can cause early engine failure. Flushing them out increases oil flow and reduces friction, which means better performance and longer engine life.

Here are 6 Key Benefits of Flushing:

  • Improved Lubrication
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Protected DPF life by minimised soot production

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