Access Mobility Transform Fuel Efficiency with BG

August 4, 2014

Access Mobility Transport Ltd has been working in partnership with BG Products for the past 2 years. Since using BG Products there has been a 15% improvement in fuel economy, repair costs have dropped and breakdowns have fallen dramatically.

The company specialises in transportation services for people with disabilities and has had long standing contracts with many borough councils in London. 

Prior to using BG Products, Mr. Minesh Kumar (CEO of Access Mobility Transport Ltd) had invested £15,000 to £16,000 in another supplier's fuel and oil servicing products.

Mr. Kumar recalls, "the vehicles were regularly choking, we began to notice that the more we used these products the more choking we experienced". The company was also experiencing enormous repair costs coupled with labour-intensive repair tasks. Mr. Kumar stated, "we were spending £30,000 to £40,000 per annum across the fleet in repair costs alone. In addition, the technicians were spending 1-2 days on labour intensive DPF and EGR cleaning treatments". Vehicle breakdowns were also a growing problem and concern for Mr. Kumar, "we were experiencing vehicle breakdowns at least once a week, this was a significant concern for me given the nature of our business". As the fleet's repair bill began to skyrocket Mr. Kumar decided to turn to an alternative source of fuel and engine servicing products.

Mr. Kumar was referred to BG after he raised his problems with a contractor from London Hire who told him of the success he had with BG Products in his own company. In 2012 Mr. Kumar approached his local BG representative, Robert Lettieri, to seek a preventative maintenance solution to the problems the company was facing. He addressed his problems and agreed to implement BG Products into the servicing of the fleet vehicles.

Almost immediately the workshop technicians and the drivers began to notice a change in the vehicles performance. The choking began to stop and the drivers started to note improved drivability and engine response from the vehicles. As the months passed the fleet continued to be serviced under a regular BG service schedule. Mr. Kumar maintained a record of every vehicles fuel economy and realised a 15% improvement in fuel economy. Mr. Kumar states, "not only were we saving money on fuel, we were also witnessing a reduction in repair and maintenance costs as our expenditure on parts and labour time on repairs dropped significantly". Furthermore, since using BG, Mr. Kumar can't recall the last time there was a vehicle breakdown.

Access Mobility Transport Ltd are delighted with the partnership they have built over the past two years with BG Products. Their expenditure figures over the past two financial years indicate a reduction of £90,000 in repair costs alone. These savings have been used to purchase new vehicles for the fleet and ultimately grow the company further. Mr. Kumar looks forward to maintaining a long-lasting working relationship with BG Products. 

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