Wins all round for BG, Sports car Owners and Kwik Fit at Tech day first

December 9, 2015

On December 6th Kwik Fit-Nacton Road Ipswich together with BG GB organised (what seems such an obviously good idea) – a Car Owners Club Meet – in a garage workshop! And it worked just as envisaged!

Like kids in a proverbial candy store, the event was a fantastic opportunity to bring together members of the Norwich Mazda MX-5 Owners Club with experts who could advise them about the ongoing performance of their vehicle’s critical components. Plus, the Porsche Owners Club also came along to see what support was on offer.

With a cold snap likely to arrive at any time, it was a great opportunity for the Owners to get their prized cars winter-ready with a free winter safety check. Free goodie bags were on offer containing timely items like de-icer, scrapers and screen wash.

And BG Rep Dave Strachan was on hand to highlight the benefits of an effective preventative maintenance regime in terms of fuel saving and ongoing performance.  The preventative maintenance not only allows these speedy motors to continue to perform optimally on the road but also dramatically reduces expensive component failure such as the DPF and EGR.

So, BOOM! At 8am the first car, a clutch Discs and pads and a wheel alignment, the second car an alignment plus oil and filter change… 3 Porsches were waiting for free Winter Checks… And this did not stop all day! At one point spaces were tight with cars parked everywhere, Porsches were arriving and the guys from the Norwich MX-5 Club came 27 strong, all wanting the Tech team to do work for them. It was a great atmosphere!


Dave on his BG workbench demonstrated how BG’s preventative maintenance schedules focusses on the key areas of combustion and lubrication. Scheduled pour-in treatments restore and maintain the cleanliness of the very fine spray holes in injectors. This allows the injectors to meter fuel to the level of accuracy that is vital for efficiency and power. Other treatments have shown restoration of horsepower, through restored compression, in excess of 4% (4% lost in less than 45,000 miles).  Eight of the owners attending took the opportunity to restore their vehicle’s efficiency using BG Products bestselling fuel treatment, BG44K.

So, the feedback? Thumbs up all round – owners who visited after seeing the event on the relevant Car Owner forums received peace of mind about the Winter readiness of their Sportcars – and Kwik Fit and BG communicated the benefits of an effective preventative maintenance regime in terms of fuel saving and continued performance.

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