Speak to BG at Mechanex Alexandra Palace 19-20 April

April 19, 2016

Mechanex at Alexandra Palace offers garage technicians the chance to speak directly to BG Team, Experts in the field of restoring compression, protecting engine life and improving garage profitability

This great venue will host the popular show, essentially a live version of Professional Motor Mechanic (PMM) magazine, which is visiting four locations throughout the UK this year.

BG Great Britain will be showcasing their range of products for dealerships, independent garages and franchises that restore power and economy in customer’s vehicles. Of particular highlight will be BG’s innovative tool-introduced chemistry that enables motor professionals to decarbonise combustion chambers, injectors, Intake tracts, EGRs and clean DPFs. The BG 9300 On-vehicle DPF cleaning system cleans the intake tract, intake valves, EGR circuit, piston rings, fuel injectors, right through to the DPF. Plus, with BG’s Gasoline Direct Injection Service Tools,  the technician can remove harmful deposits without the complete disassembly that’s typically required.

As well as cleaning key components, BG Products offer a range of fluid exchange systems such as Power Steering, Coolant and ATF exchange systems.  The BG Power Steering exchange is particularly popular as it exchanges fluid in about 4 minutes, and is offered to customers easily using a very cost effective fluid analysis.

The show is completely free to attend and tickets can be booked online, at http://www.mechanex.info/ or by calling 0844 888 8339.

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