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March 30, 2022

BG Products work with many types of fleets to improve their environmental performance. The key common denominator being the combustion of diesel fuel resulting in carbon deposits. These deposits interfere with quality combustion which in turn causes the engine to create more harmful emissions than necessary. BG Products are proving that clean is green is mean and lean.

Organisations partnered with BG Products are seeing real, associated financial benefits in terms of fuel economy and reduced AdBlue usage plus also dramatic reductions in expensive Injector, DPF and other component failures, vehicle downtime, wear and tear, recovery, repair and loss of earnings.

A test featuring a Morrisons DAF CF 85 12.9L supermarket delivery vehicle delivered an emissions reduction of 28%. A council fleet featuring Transits, bin lorries and other municipal vehicles continues to see 7% MPG improvements compared to pre-BG Products regime and a complete elimination of DPF issues.

To find out how they can help your organisation to reduce deposits, restore engines’ efficiency and significantly lower environmental emissions, speak to BG Products on stand 4B07 or go to

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