Introducing the world's first on-vehicle DPF Emissions Service

October 20, 2014

BG Air Intake and Emissions System Service

Introducing the World’s First on-vehicle DPF & Emissions Service - the BG Air Intake and Emissions System Service. It cleans from the air intake, right through the engine to the DPF.

Because “Cleaning the DPF without restoring engine efficiency is like having a heart bypass and not changing your diet.”

The BG Approach is different - Other options only tackle the symptom of the blocked DPF
itself. BG’s DPF & Emissions Cleaning System attacks the real problem - poor combustion and
the consequence, soot build-up. 

BG Products are more than just a provider of the most advanced range of automotive chemicals and lubricants. BG aim to be partners in helping their customers grow their businesses. Request a callback by leaving your details at or by calling 01284 777934. 


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