BG Products wins Top Product Award

December 15, 2016

BG Products has been crowned as a ‘Top Product’ award winner in Professional Motor Mechanic’s (PMM) 2016 reader poll.

The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PMM’s 65,000+ readership, are a reflection on those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the independent garage technician’s ability to maintain the high standards expected of modern day servicing and repairs – whether this is in the form of innovative parts or tools, fault-finding equipment or garage aids such as technical data, posters and literature.

A PMM spokesperson said: “The Top Product Awards are awarded to the products that have attracted the highest enquiries from PMM readers across the year.

“BG Products won an award this year for the fuel/air induction service article which featured a number of [BG] products.”

BG Products said: “Deposits accumulate on the intake manifold, intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, reduced MPG and poor starting.

“BG fuel system cleaners and conditioners will clean fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum and air intake, intake valves and ports and remove combustion chamber deposits.

“BG fuel products restore fuel economy, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and restore the fun of like-new drivability to your vehicle.”


Last updated: December 15, 2016 @ 09:28 AM


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