March 19, 2015

Stand C54, Mechanex , Alexandra Palace, 24-25 March 2015

BG Products, specialists in deposit solutions, showcase their Engine Performance Restoration & DPF cleaning System at Mechanex, Alexandra Palace, 24-25 March 2015. The BG 9300 cleans the entire intake, valves, injectors and rings to optimise combustion and clean the DPF - all via the air intake. 

BG Products specialise in supplying advanced automotive chemistry to dealerships, independent garages and franchises that restores power and economy in customer vehicles. Solutions enable motor professionals to decarbonise combustion chambers, injectors, Intake tracts, EGRs and clean DPFs. Replacement fluid exchange services for Power Steering, Coolant and ATF systems can be proactively offered to customers as preventive maintenance using simple fluid condition indicators.

An example of BG Products´ solutions is the world’s first in situ air intake and DPF cleaning system

Diesel fuel is notorious for producing large amounts of particulate matter (soot). Regularly burning this in a diesel engine can take a toll, leaving unburnt hydrocarbons throughout the intake and emissions system.

The DPF is designed to capture and burn off collected soot; this is called regeneration. In regeneration mode, the fuel injection timing is adjusted; exhaust temperature increases and ideally, the unburnt hydrocarbons are, well, burnt.

To achieve the high temperatures necessary for the DPF to go into regeneration, however, the diesel vehicle must be driven at speeds exceeding 40 mph (64 km/h) for an extended period. This presents a problem for vehicles primarily driven in urban traffic—where the vehicle experiences excessive idling and may never travel consistently above 40 mph (64 km/h)—therefore never regenerating the DPF, which can be catastrophic to the component.

The BG 9300 cleans the entire intake, valves, injectors and rings to optimise combustion and clean the DPF, all via the air intake. 

As well as solutions which clean key components, BG Products offer a range of preventative maintenance services including Power Steering, Coolant and ATF fluid exchange systems. 

Power Steering fluid is commonly regarded as the most neglected fluid on a vehicle. It operates under extreme pressures up to 3,000 PSI, eventually causing it to break down and become contaminated. The BG Power Steering Service drains old fluid while simultaneously installing fresh high spec fluid and is particularly popular as it only takes approximately 4 minutes.  This service is an example of one which is easily offered to customers using a very cost effective fluid analysis, also available from BG.

To speak with one of the BG Team, Experts in the field of increasing vehicle efficiency,  preventative maintenance and extending vehicle life, see us on Stand C54 at Mechanex or call us on 01284 777934.

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