March 20, 2015

Stand 4E109, CV Show, 14-16 April 2015

BG Products – Specialists in Fleet Maintenance and Emissions Control - are world leaders in providing solutions to fuel, emission and lubricant issues to the automotive sector. BG´s solutions and preventative maintenance programmes provide key benefits, such as improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance cost, to fleet operators throughout the world.

BG Products arrived in the UK from the USA in 2000. In the USA they are regarded as specialists in the maintenance of fleet efficiency, delivering benefits in terms of fuel saving and preventative maintenance.  The preventative maintenance not only allows expensive vehicles stay on the road much longer but also dramatically reduces expensive component failure such as the DPF and EGR.

BG’s preventative maintenance schedules focus on the key areas of combustion and lubrication. Scheduled pour-in treatments will restore and maintain the cleanliness of the very fine spray holes in injectors. This allows the injectors to meter fuel to the level of accuracy that is vital for efficiency and power. Other treatments have shown restoration of horsepower, through restored compression, in excess of 4% (4% lost in less than 45,000 miles).   BG’s oil treatments have shown a remarkable improvement in soot control, leading to longer and better oil flow and so protecting the engine better, for longer.

An example of BG Products´ solutions is the world’s first in situ air intake and DPF cleaning system

Emissions systems such as EGR and Diesel Particulate Filters bring challenges. Fleet operators know that these deposits affect the efficiency of the component and also restrict power and economy.

Blocked DPF’s are often seen as the problem when in fact it is, usually, a symptom of the problem. Cleaning or replacing the DPF rather than remedying the cause of its blockage is a short term solution.  The causes of blocked DPFs are over-production of soot via inefficient combustion, and combustion of oil seeping past restricted piston rings.

The BG 9300 cleans the entire intake, valves, injectors and rings to optimise combustion and clean the DPF all via the air intake. 

BG point to other examples of where they have reduced fleet maintenance costs, reduced emissions and reduced fuel usage.

London Hire reduced DPF and EGR failures by over 2,000% (see images)

Haliburton reduced fuel costs by 4.1% and Nox by 48% 

To speak with one of the BG Team, Experts in the field of increasing fleet efficiency,  preventative maintenance and extending vehicle life, see us on Stand 4E109 at the CV Show or call us on 01284 777934.

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