BG Products are at the London Motor Show 2019!

May 8, 2019

Want more POWER??

Motorists attending the London Motor Show 2019 will be challenged to get back their lost power and economy when they speak to proven decarbonisation experts BG Products on Stand 2140. The global brand will be attending the show for the first time and to celebrate car owners can get their hands on BG's award-winning service products at Special Show Prices!

The science bit: Carbon deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and attach themselves to all parts of the engine they come in contact with. This includes injectors, sensors and piston rings. In removing deposits from these critical areas, BG effectively restores missing power and performance.

Former Stig Ben Collins, BG's Brand Ambassador is one of many advocates who have Tested and Recommend BG >>

• Proven carbon-cleaning technology
• Former Stig tested BG’s high-quality chemistry
• Audi TDi 22% BHP improvement @ 2000 RPM!

Chemical research company BG Products have been developing solutions to engine deposit and oil sludging issues for over 40 years. Industry guru Frank Massey uses and recommends a BG Products EPR flush and BG System Cleaner on every serviced vehicle - "The products work. The effects are real."

Declaring himself "normally sceptical", Motoring expert Quentin Willson has said he's impressed by BG's range of fuel system cleaners. In his Sunday Mirror Motoring column, Mr. Willson featured BG44K and BG244 as recommended products to improve MPG, engine responsiveness and reduce smoke.

Former Stig, Ben Collins tested BG with objective data provided by a rolling road dyno before and after BG's Powerflow Service The effects were significant. Horsepower was 22% higher on the Audi TDi test vehicle and there was additional 43 ft/lbs of torque.

Visit for video case study of Ben Collins testing real-world vehicles, including his own, before and after BG Services to demonstrate the transformative effects of BG Products. 

If you are a garage owner or professional and would like a FREE demonstration of how BG Products' Fuel Saving Service restores compression, increases MPG and extends engine life simply call us on 01284 777934 or message us here

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