BG GB Announces Top Gear Legend Ben Collins as New Brand Representative

March 22, 2018

BG Products GB is throwing open the throttle on an exciting partnership with Top Gear icon and former Stig Ben Collins as the company announces the signing of the track star as its new Brand Ambassador.

The Championship Winning Le Mans racing driver, bestselling author, TV presenter, World Record breaker and Hollywood stunt driver will be featured in two new integrated campaigns for BG which will run across both digital and print platforms during 2018. 

The campaign aims to shine a light on the secret truths that fuel companies and motor manufacturers are only now admitting to, that carbon build-up from burning fuels inevitably impedes a vehicle’s performance. AND that standard servicing alone can’t address the resultant problems.

The associated campaign for the BG Powerflow Suite of Performance Restoration Services,, will inform drivers about this professional range of cost-effective services that is proven to restore their vehicle's efficiency. Plus the accrued win-win benefits - better driveability and back-pocket savings from using less fuel.

“With 333k followers on Twitter and 98k followers on Facebook (and counting), Ben is the perfect person to interpret, often technical, performance data for the British motorist. He is passionate about cars, engines and, above all, performance, and wants every driver to receive the optimum driving experience”, declares Paul Dobbyn, Director of BG Products GB. “His experience, motoring knowledge, plus energy and enthusiasm is an ideal fit for BG. This cooperation is an enormous momentum boost for us.” 

The campaign sees Ben testing real-world vehicles, including his own, before and after BG Services to demonstrate the transformative effects of BG Products. 

For more on Ben’s campaigns in the coming months, keep in touch at and follow @bggreatbritain on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

If you are a garage owner or professional and would like a FREE demonstration of how BG Products' Fuel Saving Service restores compression, increases MPG and extends engine life simply call us on 01284 777934 or message us here

Last updated: March 29, 2018 @ 12:38 PM


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