BG Boost Performance at BMRC Powerbike Diagnostic Sessions from Day One

March 2, 2016

As the global motorcycle market continues to grow and evolve, BG are aware of the importance of understanding the unique maintenance needs of these machines. In particular, to ensure they develop products that address lubrication and clutch issues that can significantly affect performance and rideability. Extensive testing is a key part of the Research and Development that BG put into all their products prior to launching. BG GB has joined forces with the British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMRC), in supporting the MRO Powerbikes & Clubman 1000 Series in 2016, and is running diagnostic sessions with some of the Powerbike riders during the season. Results so far are looking very impressive, with performance
improvements of upwards of 4% in bhp.

Motorcycle use continues to grow

There are approximately 200 Million motorcycles in use worldwide, including mopeds, scooters, and other powered 2- and 3-wheelers, or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people. Today motorcycles represent over one-third of the vehicles on the road and sales are growing as tax incentives, heavy traffic, lack of parking, lower cost of purchase and maintenance, recreational applications, etc. bring them more and more attention.

Global demand for motorcycles, including mopeds, is forecast to increase year over year by over 5% to exceed 120 million units and over £45 Billion.

Unique maintenance needs

As the motorcycle and related small engine market grows, the importance of understanding the unique maintenance needs of the vehicles grow with it. For example, there are many types of motorcycles on the road today but only two main designs of motorcycle clutch mechanisms: wet clutch and dry clutch. Because BG concentrates on internally lubricated parts, they focus on “wet clutch” mechanisms. A wet clutch is soaked in engine oil that provides lubrication and cools the clutch.

Wet clutch engines can quickly show poor performance, excessive oil consumption and severe engine wear. High RPM, high torque engines are often the norm in motorsport and recreation. Punishing combinations of severe use and hot temperatures can quickly degrade the engine oil. Under high temperature operating conditions, engine oil additives deplete rapidly and the oil oxidises. Oxidation results in oil thickening and residue formation, which combine with dirt and combustion byproducts to form engine sludge.

The solution - BG Engine Performance Concentrate

Added to the oil at each oil change, BG Engine Performance Concentrate, PN 116, will reduce oil oxidation and keep piston rings, valve lifters, and other engine components clean and free of varnish, rust, and other accumulated deposits. It provides outstanding friction-reducing and viscosity-improving characteristics, which protect engine components during extended high-temperature operation. It will also improve shift performance in “wet clutch” applications.

BG Engine Performance Concentrate enhances and prolongs the performance engine oil additives: corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants and antioxidants/anti-wear. It helps maintain engine cleanliness and performance under tough conditions.

R&D Testing

Extensive testing is a key part of the Research and Development that BG put into all products prior to launching.

BG GB has joined forces with the British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMRC) and will be supporting the MRO Powerbikes & Clubman 1000 Series in 2016. BG Products are keen to demonstrate their potential for massively improving the performance of the top motorcycle race engines. The company begun to run before and after diagnostic sessions on test days and work extensively with some of the season’s Powerbike riders.

The first these sessions in Feb 2016 involves Powerbike Rider Rep Simon and 3 other riders who volunteered to take part in testing.

Initial dyno control run result of 158 BHP

BG Technician Rob Lettieri then applied BG44K Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel and BG Engine Performance Concentrate to the engine oil.

Out on the track for a test run, Simon anecdotally reported the gearbox felt smoother. This was backed up by the subsequent dyno test result of 162 BHP. The improvement of 4 BHP, already a dramatic effect after only 15 mins in the bike, mainly through the faster-acting effects of the oil treatment should be further increased as the fuel system cleaner has an effect.

The dyno chart illustrates the pre and post test results - the blue line represents the initial dyno test, red the post treatment results, clearly showing the BG performance improvement. 

On-vehicle testing of Engine Performance Concentrate was also conducted by BG US at an independent facility. Results show an impressive torque and horsepower improvement in both newer and high mileage machines.


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