BG Products bring free Engine Protection to UK motorists

May 12, 2014


BG Products is adding the reassurance of free Engine Protection to customers of its performance and maintenance services who are already gaining the benefits of the company’s best-in-class fuel system cleaners to maximise their engine’s efficiency and improve fuel economy.

In the first of its kind in the UK, customers taking up the use of BG’s services will receive the complementary Protection Plan free of charge. Subject to the first BG service being carried out prior to 75,000 miles, the Protection Plan in operation gives up to £2,500 of repairs to the applicable area of the vehicle. These include Engine, Power Steering, Driveline, Differential and Brake system.

The reassuring scope of the Engine Protection Plan gives coverage of 12,500 miles. All other components give an impressive 30,000 miles of free protection. Plus, the protection will carry on for up to 150,000 miles provided the service is repeated. The Protection Plan does not replace or extend the manufacturer’s warranty or extended vehicle plan but is intended as an added customer benefit.

Paul Dobbyn, Director of Powerflow Ltd, sole distributor for BG Products in the UK, said: “The launch of the new Protection Plan is the perfect way to support UK motorists in this time of rising prices and higher energy costs. We are helping customers with solutions that cut their vehicle's emissions and improve its MPG... Guaranteed!"

Central to BG’s commitment to maintaining the operational systems of today's and tomorrow's vehicles, the company seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every BG customer. Over time deposits build up in the engine and fuel system, robbing customer’s engine of efficient combustion. The BG Fuel Saving Service service improves MPG, performance, and reduces emissions. Ultimately saving money. Total BMW Magazine said that their car’s MPG improved by 4.6%, London Taxi Drivers Magazine said they had an increase of 6%.

Mr Dobbyn added: “Speak to the best informed garage professionals and they will recommend you use BG Products to clean, or keep clean, the inside of your car’s engine. A clean engine is more efficient, therefore more economical and more powerful.”

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