Best Garage Guide

  Best Garage Guide


We are sponsors of the Best Garage Guide.

The Best Garage Guide is designed to allow garages to promote themselves by the most powerful advertising medium of all….. Word of Mouth!

As members of the Best Garage Guide your customer will have the opportunity to give feedback about your service.

This feedback is then published on our website allowing other potential customers to see that feedback before choosing where they will take their car for repair or service.

Membership is free of charge. The criteria for membership is that the garage signs our charter (see website for full charter). This 10 point charter includes 2 provisions. The first is that, as a member, you give a feedback card (these are free to you and are postage paid) to each of your customers. The second is that you offer the customer the opportunity to enhance their service by adding an Emissions Control Service using BG’s products.

The key points here are that we mean ‘offer’ not ‘sell’, membership is not conditional on product being bought by the garage (apart from a Starter Kit). We are not asking any of our members to be sales people. We do just ask them to offer the products using our Service Option Sheet.

Our fuel system cleaners and engine flushes can be demonstrated to show tangible benefits in terms of reduced emissions, restored power, increased compression and increased MPG.

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