DPF Cleaning

What's a DPF? Why does it create issues?

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a small device that has been fitted to most diesel vehicles since 2009. It's designed to trap harmful particulates before they have a chance to escape into the atmosphere. The sooty particulates are then superheated and burned off during the DPF’s regeneration cycle.

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A DPF typically however needs the ideal conditions to complete its cleaning cycle - and if it doesn’t get these eventually clogs up and stops working. 

Can my DPF be maintained & cleaned?

  • BG are 50-year engine cleaning specialists

  • ​In-situ tool cleans DPF AND removes carbon

  • Proven to reduce DPF soot build-up back to zero

BG have proven DPF solutions. Annual preventative maintenance with BG Products' high quality chemistry will significantly reduce any deposit build-up, keep your engine running efficiently and produce less particulate matter.

And, if soot does build up to clog the DPF, BG's extensive R&D developed the BG DPF & Emissions System Service. This simultaneously performs an intensive decarbonisation and DPF clean. The service tool commands its own regeneration by controlling air intake flow and exhaust temperature to very precise levels. Once regen temperature is reached, BG's chemistry is used to clean soot right from intake all the way through to the DPF to be burned off and sent out the exhaust.

How effective is the BG solution?

Not all DPF-cleaning solutions are the same. BG are carbon-cleaning specialists and spent four years developing an effective chemical solution. Industry expert Frank Massey tested BG's DPF & Emissions System Service and achieved a 90% soot reduction (see his own Pico pressure readings below)

BG DPF Service Pico readings image

Other results:

• Test at PSI Tuning, Newcastle-Under-Lyme: BMW X6 presented with DPF issues, warning lights on. Result: Following BG Service exhaust back pressure was reduced to Zero, indicating the DPF was now clear.

• Test at Springbok Garage, Chesterfield: Vauxhall Insignia, poor running, pressure within the DPF measuring above 10 kilo Pascals. Result: Post-BG Service exhaust back pressure was reduced to less than 1 kilo Pascal.

Where is my nearest equipped BG Service Centre?

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GarageWire reporting on effectiveness of BG DPF Service

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