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GarageWire reports on New BG solution to Direct Injection deposit issues

Many modern vehicles powered by Direct Injection (DI) engines are showing up in service centres with high oil consumption, misfires and performance loss. The BG DI Fuel/Air Induction Service delivers the same benefits as the existing BG port-injected Service albeit with new advanced chemistry specific for direct injection vehicles. Read more >>

GarageWire reviews BG Products Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service

Power steering fluid operates under extreme pressures and temperatures, eventually causing it to break down and become contaminated. The BG Products service equipment ensures the entire system is free of dirty oil and debris that can damage valves and seals. Read more >>


BG Products feature in IMI's Vision for the Future

BG Products feature in the Institute of the Motor Industry's 2017 'Vision for the Future'. This far-reaching marketing campaign highlights how the industry is evolving and what needs to be done to keep up with the unprecedented rate of change. Read more >>

GarageWire witnesses BG Complete DPF & Emissions System Service

GarageWire visited Springbok Garage, Chesterfield, where a Vauxhall Insignia was treated to the BG Complete DPF & Emissions System Service. The service reduced the pre-service differential pressure read-out of 12 kilopascals at 2500rpm to just over half a kilopascal after a 20-30 minute service. Read more about this Service >>

GarageWire demonstrates effectiveness of BG's cleaning using Borescope

Garage Wire tests BG Products Air Intake Service and pressurised oil change and reports back with a positive improvement that independent garages should be capitalising on. Read more about this Service >>

BG 2-part Fuel Saving Service

Such is our confidence in BG Products we offer a Fuel Saving Service Guarantee. It's a 2 part process. One element of the service cleans the fuel system, and most critically the injectors and the sensors. And the second cleans the piston rings to restore compression. Read more about this Service >>

BG POWERPACK 3 For Motorcycles

BG Products joins forces with the 'British Motorcycle Racing Club' to demonstrate the unparalleled effect of BG Powerpack 3 in a dyno test. Read more about these products >>

GarageWire BG Rolling Road Power Test - Increases in torque of 18%+

Garage Wire puts BG's Air Intake Service treatment and Engine Performance Restoration to the test on a rolling road. Read more about this Service >>

GarageWire tests the BG ATF Fluid Exchange Service

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange has never been easier! GarageWire TV demonstrates how automotive professionals can perform a complete transmission fluid exchange in just four to six minutes. Read more about this Service >>

BG Complete Induction Service

The BG Air/Fuel Induction service with air intake cleaning will quickly remove deposits from the air intake tract, fuel injectors, valves and combustion chamber to restore power, economy and reduce emissions. Read more about this Service >>

BG Preventative Maintenance and Performance Restoration Service

BG’s preventative maintenance schedules focus on the key areas of combustion and lubrication. Scheduled pour-in treatments will restore and maintain the cleanliness of injectors. Other treatments aim at restoration of horsepower, through restored compression. Read more about this Service >>

BG Products transform Mike Ruff from Garage Wire's own car

MPG up from 49.9 to 52.3 plus Compression up 30%. BG Products transform Mike from Garage Wire's own car! Read more about these products >>

BG Products Complete DPF & Emissions Service

In this video demonstration, Frank Massey uses a Pico scope to get pre- and post treatment exhaust pressure readings. These show a reduction in the resistance in the DPF equivalent to 90%, which Frank himself describes as "an incredible result". Read more about this Service >>

BG Products EPR Flush - Listen to the difference made by BG109!

In this pre- and post service video, BG Area Manager Dave Strachan records the difference in engine sound of a Ford C-MAX following a treatment with BG EPR. Read more about this product >>

BG 109 Product Test - Astra compression restored to 250 PSI

BG Works! - Here's the proof of a Vauxhall Astra treated with BG EPR. Compression is restored from 120 PSI to 250 PSI. Read more about this product >>

Frank Massey tests the BG Products Air Intake Service

Frank Massey tests BG products diesel air intake service using a dynometer. Hyundai Santa Fe, 59,000 miles on the clock, motorway driven, known as a clean car prior to test. Read more about this Service >>

Introducing the World's First On-Car Engine & DPF Cleaning Restoration Service

The BG Air Intake and Emissions System Service cleans from the air intake, right through the engine to the DPF. Other options only tackle the symptom of the blocked DPF itself. BG’s DPF & Emissions Cleaning System attacks the real problem - poor combustion and the consequence, soot build-up. Read more about this Service >>


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