GarageWire TV Product Tests

GarageWire reports on effectiveness of BG DPF & Emissions System Service

GarageWire witnesses very successful demonstration of BG Products DPF & Emissions System Service at PSI Tuning, Staffs. A customer's BMW X6 has presented with DPF issues, warning lights on. The BG DPF and Emissions System Service uses ground-breaking technology to restore the DPF, while simultaneously performing an effective intake system cleaning - effectively tackling the symptom and root cause of the problem - in a single service. On completion, exhaust back pressure was reduced to Zero, indicating the DPF was now clear. With this component now working effectively again, it's important to regularly use BG EPR®, BG DOC and BG 244 - Preventive maintenance with BG will greatly minimise the production of particulate matter, which will prolong the life of the engine and DPF system. Find out more >>

GarageWire witnesses BG Complete DPF & Emissions System Service

GarageWire visited Springbok Garage, Chesterfield, where a Vauxhall Insignia was treated to the BG Complete DPF & Emissions System Service. The DPF was held at regeneration temperature and fed four litres of BG’s atomised cleaner through the air inlet manifold. This cleans from the air intake, through the engine and on to the DPF. Find out more >>

GarageWire demonstrates effectiveness of BG's cleaning using Borescope

Garage Wire tests BG Products Air Intake Service and pressurised oil change. Watch as borescope footage captures the engine carbon removal and engine carbon cleaning process. Find out more >>

GarageWire tests the BG ATF Fluid Exchange Service

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange has never been easier! GarageWire TV demonstrates how automotive professionals can perform a complete transmission fluid exchange in just four to six minutes. Find out more >>

GarageWire BG Rolling Road Power Test - Increases in torque of 18%+

Garage Wire puts BG's Air Intake Service treatment and Engine Performance Restoration to the test on a rolling road. The Results? Increases in torque of 18%+. Find out more >>

BG Products transform Mike from Garage Wire's own car! 

MPG up from 49.9 to 52.3 plus Compression up 30%. BG Products transform Mike from GarageWire's own car! Find out more >>

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