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It is no longer in dispute that combustion-engine use can cause environmental harm. Exhaust emissions, such as CO2, contribute to climate change. Transport-generated air pollutants can also lead to poor air quality and ill health. We all have a responsibility to look at all opportunities to minimise these environmental impacts and reduce damaging costs.

Transport is the biggest source of air pollution in the UK according to charity Environment Protection UK with road transport accounting for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), 34% of nitrogen dioxide emissions and 12% of particulate matter emissions.

The last two are nasty pollutants particularly damaging to the health of people, animals and vegetation locally in town centres and alongside busy roads. 


It is estimated that nearly 90 per cent of all the health costs associated with pollution from cars and vans are caused by diesel vehicles. And whilst technological advances (including EGR-Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems, catalytic converters and DPF-Diesel Particulate Filters) have made some impact on emissions, without regular preventative maintenance these devices can simply become overloaded and not perform as designed.


As well as straightforward options like switching from the car to walking/cycling for short journeys, sharing journeys with friends or family, and avoiding overtaxing your engine, ensuring your vehicle is properly serviced will ensure it performs efficiently and correspondingly emits less pollution.

Car manufacturers, engine producers and even the fuel companies now acknowledge that problems caused by carbon deposits – the natural by-product of combustion – and the effect they have on pollution. 


Deposits will form in only a few thousand miles and without preventative maintenance, accumulate over time. As standard car servicing doesn’t significantly affect the power and MPG-sapping deposits that accumulate in your engine, more intensive cleaning is needed to keep a vehicle’s engine running efficiently and producing less particulate matter.

Use BG to MAX your Petrol/Diesel Vehicle’s Efficiency NOW - #BGMAXNOW

BG Products work with organisations to improve environmental performance on engines of all shapes and sizes, from cars and vans to diesel fuelled power stations. The key common denominator being the combustion of diesel fuel resulting in carbon deposits. These deposits interfere with quality combustion which in turn causes the engine to create more harmful emissions than necessary. BG Products, a long-established US chemical company, puts significant investment into Research and Development in order to develop effective products that cleanse and remove carbon deposits.


Published testing conducted by BG proves the importance of good preventative maintenance. A fleet trial with US oil giant Halliburton cut the NOx by 50% from the treated vehicles and the particulates by 81%. Bus and train testing has also been seen to deliver substantial cuts to pollutants.

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