Why is BG the best gift your car can receive this Christmas?

Normal servicing does not clean the inside of an engine and that is why many garage professionals like industry expert Frank Massey recommend using BG 44K/BG245 and BG EPR to clean inside the engine.

Deposits are a natural ongoing by-product of combustion and without preventative maintenance they will accumulate over time, harming performance.

BG propose a dedicated, dual approach – one product for the top half of the engine, to tackle fuel system issues and one for the bottom half, the oil system.

Fuel System: Deposits attach themselves to valves, piston crowns and fuel injectors. When fuel injectors get deposits on their fine spray holes (which they inevitably do) it can interfere with the ability of the injector to atomise the fuel into the engine. A fuel system cleaner will help to stop this happening and keep your engine running optimally.

Oil System: Cylinder compression is vital for a vehicle’s Power and Economy. As a vehicle’s piston moves it squeezes a fuel/air mixture in the cylinder, giving it explosive power. Rings around each piston ensure a good seal. Loss of compression (and therefore power) is usually due to deposits restricting these rings. A BG Engine Performance Restoration flush will clean deposits from rings, restoring peak compression, ensuring maximum Power and Efficiency.

So treat your car this Christmas time with technology proven to address these two factors - Injector spray pattern + Engine Compression - Vital to Maintaining and Restoring Power & MPG.

BG Products Two-part Fuel Saving Service

Such is our confidence in BG Products we offer a Fuel Saving Service Guarantee. It’s a 2 part process. One element of the service cleans the fuel system, and most critically the injectors and the sensors. And the second cleans the piston rings to restore compression.


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