What is decarbonisation? / What is an engine carbon clean?

(Carbon) Deposits are a by-product of combustion. These deposits attach themselves to many parts of the engine, including those critically important to the performance and economy of the engine - Fuel Injectors, Piston Rings and various sensors. If fuel injectors are dirty this will interfere with the efficiency and effectiveness of the fuel spray pattern. Deposits behind piston rings will restrict the ability of the rings to seal and therefore can cause a loss of compression.

Decarbonisation or engine carbon cleaning usually refers to the process of removing carbon deposits. BG Products develop and manufacture their own high quality chemistry and delivery systems to do this, safely and effectively. Other proprietary systems use different classes of chemistry, hydrogen, hot water or warm oil. BG prefer not to comment on the effectiveness of other cleaning methods and services. BG Products do, however, regularly demonstrate and publish their results, for instance, showing that BG fuel system cleaners contain more of the chemistry recommended by the engine manufacturers themselves to remove the hard baked carbon deposits that interfere with efficient flow of air and fuel, throughout the entire system. 


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