Clean and Mean!

Clean and Mean

How keeping the engine’s vital components clean can restore and maintain power and economy

We have all heard the adverts from the major fuel companies extolling the benefits of keeping the engine clean, and it is true. However the additives in premium fuel might help to keep an engine cleaner but, by the nature of using a carbon based fuel (particularly a dirty one) there will always be emissions and deposits.

These deposits will attach themselves on critical components, in particular the fuel injectors and, together with oil deposits, the vitally important piston rings.

BG Products, a research and development company specialising in lubrication and fuel deposits, have found horsepower losses, through lost compression alone, of 8% in as little as 45,000 miles in large diesel engines.

These losses are caused by the build-up of carbon, from the combustion process filtering down onto the piston rings, plus deposits coming up from the oil side, get behind the piston rings into the ‘ringland’ area of the piston. Together these deposits restricting the ability of the combustion gases to get behind the rings and expand them to create the seal required for compression.

Injectors have always been susceptible to deposits on the injector pintle. These deposits form quickly because of the position of the injectors – directly in the cylinder. The impact of these deposits is to interfere with the precise delivery and atomisation of the fuel molecules. This is critical as if the atomisation does not happen then oxygen cannot circulate amongst the fuel molecules and facilitate combustion

BG have identified a new deposit that is occurring with newer injectors that are deing developed to deliver fuel under higher pressure. The high pressures are creating heat and that heat is breaking down the fuel, inside the injectors, before it has even reached the combustion chamber, leaving carbon deposit inside the injector.

New BG 245 Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, with new generation detergents is designed to clean even tougher deposits, like those inside high pressure common rail injectors – Read more >>


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