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Government warns Coronavirus remains a serious health risk and we should all stay cautious to help protect ourselves and others. Powerflow’s range of Certificated Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Products can Help

Safe working should be our No.1 concern

With the spread of coronavirus, we all have challenges ahead. Like all organisations, BG GB feel our number one priority should be the health of our workers and customers

Ethanol in Fuel – How can you make sure you’re protected?

You may have heard in the news (Example: BBC News about the imminent increased use of ethanol. Produced from crops therefore producing less CO2 emissions, ethanol is rightly seen as being more sustainable. But have you also heard of the downsides of the fuel, particularly worrying for owners of older cars and classic motorbikes. So how can you make sure you’re protected?

Use BG to MAX your petrol/diesel efficiency NOW #BGMAXNOW

It is no longer in dispute that combustion-engine use can cause environmental harm. Exhaust emissions, such as CO2, contribute to climate change. Transport-generated air pollutants can also lead to poor air quality and ill health. We all have a responsibility to look at all opportunities to minimise these environmental impacts and reduce damaging costs.

Why is BG the best gift your car can receive this Christmas?

Normal servicing does not clean the inside of an engine and that is why many garage professionals like industry expert Frank Massey routinely propose using BG 44K/BG245 and BG EPR to clean inside the engine.

Stricter MOT test rules make DPF doctoring no longer an option

The MOT test changed on 20 May 2018, with stricter rules for emissions from diesel cars with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). These new rules, say BG-GB, mean ‘cheat’ options such as isolating or removing the DPF have no place any longer – so any issues with the diesel exhaust system must be tackled properly.

What is an engine detox?

Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and, without preventative maintenance, accumulate over time. Engine detox usually refers to the process of removing these engine deposits. 

What is decarbonisation? / What is an engine carbon clean?

Deposits attach themselves to many parts of the engine. Decarbonisation or engine carbon cleaning refers to the process of removing carbon deposits. 

Nice testimonial from BG Convert Keith

Just wanted to say thank you. Your products may not be cheap but are excellent! 

I would have no problem recommending these products as they are the only ones I have found that really do work. So well done.

Why GDI needs BG

The GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine is seen as a leap forward in the quest for greater economy and lower emissions, and it has actually been delivering results. So, is the GDI engine too good to be true?

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