BG Injector Cleaning Service

BG Diesel Injector Cleaning System

The ultimate diesel injector cleaning system for passenger cars, 4x4s and light trucks. Its simple compact design makes it easy to clean clogged diesel injectors quickly and efficiently.

Diesel engines are extremely sensitive to the deposits that form throughout the fuel system. Even small deposits can cause substantial reductions in engine performance. Engines with deposits experience reduced fuel efficiency, engine clatter, diminished performance, and other drivability issues.

BG Inject-A-Flush® for Diesels provides a quick and simple means of delivering the exact amount of BG Diesel Care needed to clean deposit-clogged injectors. Connected directly to the fuel supply and return lines by an automotive professional, it removes combustion deposits that rob a vehicle of performance.

Product codes: 9700 (Diesel), 9210 (Petrol)

BG Products Air Intake Service Dyno Test by Frank Massey

A Triple Pack of powerful and effective products to restore MPG, Performance and Reduce Engine Emissions. Contains Advanced Fuel System Cleaners to clean hard baked carbon from the injectors, combustion chambers and, where fitted, the O2 sensor. Further products restore vital compression by thoroughly cleaning the piston rings of sludge and carbon, and keeping the engine as clean as possible thereafter by controlling soot, sludge and acid formation in the oil.