BG offers easy to administer, extremely cost effective solutions to the inevitable problem of carbon build up.

The cost effectiveness is evident in the fact that the treatment costs far less than the fuel saving gained.

The treatment is unique in its ability to safely and effectively remove deposits, including hard-baked deposits, from combustion areas and injector systems. 

The solution is a periodic treatment of our Carbon Deposit Remover. The treatment is simply poured into a full tank and then over the next few hundred miles safely dissolves the power-sapping deposits from the critical areas, leaving these areas restored to their original specification. 

Emissions will be reduced within hours and the treatment period is typically between 15-30,000 miles depending on vehicle.

The above conditions can occur in only a few thousand miles sapping power, reducing MPG and increasing emissions.

Many modern engines are fitted with particulate traps to reduce the emissions into the atmosphere.

These traps can be very expensive to maintain.


As BP have said

‘Clean engines work better!’


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